Woman, 34, Saved by Kidney Transplants From Both Parents

Julie Robson from the U.K. has had two life-saving kidney transplants, thanks to her mom and dad.

Robson, 34, received her first transplant 10 years ago from her father, Bob Deighton.

But two days before her wedding she collapsed when that kidney began to fail — so she was given a new one from her mother Carol, who happened to be a perfect match.

"It is fantastic what Mom and Dad have done," she said. "This time it was keyhole surgery. When my dad had his operation they almost had to cut him in half. He jokes now that he wishes mom could have gone first."

Robson, of Washington, Tyne and Wear in England rescheduled her wedding, and she is confident the surgery at Newcastle's Freeman Hospital in October was a complete success.

At the time of the first transplant, Robson had both her kidneys removed. However, this time surgeons decided to leave her dad's kidney in, saying it was safer than removing it.

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