Police Search Home Near Sowell's as Victims' Families Hold Funerals

Cleveland police focused their search for evidence on a house just four doors down from suspected serial killer Anthony Sowell's home on Saturday, after a 9-year-old girl told authorities she found something in the backyard, Fox8.com reported.

Cleveland Police and FBI agents removed possible evidence from the abandoned house and the vacant field next to the home, Fox8.com reported.

The area was taped off as investigators conducted their search on Imperial Avenue.

Cleveland police did not confirm if anything significant was found, but they did remove items to be analyzed, Fox8.com reported.

As the search for remaining victims continues, families of those women already identified as victims are mourning. Families and friends of Michelle Mason and Nancy Cobbs both held funeral services on Saturday.

Meanwhile FBI and police agents have been using thermal imaging cameras — which work by identifying heat — to search for additional evidence on convicted sex offender and accused serial killer Anthony Sowell.

Sowell, 50, was arraigned in Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court on Friday.

Detectives have examined blueprints of Sowell's home, identifying some areas of the home where bodies could potentially have been hidden. Authorities hope to use the thermal imaging to look at those areas, Fox8.com reported.

"Anything that's decomposing whether it's tree trunks would give off some heat so certainly a body would give off heat if it's decomposing, and it would show different colors and if they find something they should dig up they'll mark it and do further searches," FBI Spokesman Scott Wilson told Fox8.com.

Sowell is charged with attempted murder, and two counts each of Rape, Kidnapping and Felonious Assault.

Sowell allegedly attacked a woman, referred to as Jane Doe, at his Imperial Avenue home on September 22, 2009. When police responded to Sowell's home on October 29, 2009, they found the decaying bodies of 11 women.

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