Ministry of Defense Investigating Claims of Abuse by U.K. Soldiers in Iraq

The Ministry of Defense is investigating fresh allegations of abuse by the U.K. military in Iraq, The London Times reported.

Torture and the rape of a 16-year-old by two British soldiers are among 33 cases of alleged abuse against former Iraqi detainees, according to the paper.

Lawyers on behalf of the Iraqis have written to the Ministry of Defense (MoD) claiming U.K. forces used the same methods of sexual humiliation and abuse as witnessed at the now notorious U.S. detention centre Abu Ghraib.

Armed forces minister Bill Rammell on Saturday confirmed the MoD were investigating the allegations.

He told BBC News: ÔÇťAbout seven of them have come in within the last month," the paper reported.

"The rest of them are cases that date back significantly beyond that period and they are being investigated."

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