'Rude' British Police Sent to Manners Class

The British police force is teaching its "rude and sarcastic" officers a lesson in manners, The Daily Mail has reported.

In response to a surge in callers complaining about officers' incivility, the police force is ordering certain officers to attend a training course to teach them how to behave in a more polite way.

Reports of British officers acting rude have increased by 14 percent in the past year. Greater Manchester Police experienced a 17 percent increase. A quarter of the callers' complaints had to do with officers acting impolite or intolerant, the paper reported.

Hundreds of officers and emergency call handlers from Greater Manchester Police have attended the course to help them "mind their P's and Q's," according to the Daily Mail.

Members of the riot and drug squads have been taught how to stand at someone's door without "acting overbearingly," the paper reported.

Many officers are not happy about being forced to take the course, which they say is trying to get them to act like Mary Poppins when dealing with criminals.

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