Alien Abduction, Done Hollywood Style

Science fiction film "The Fourth Kind" claims to be a documentary re-enactment of an alien abduction in Alaska. But it's just the latest in a series of fakes.

"The Fourth Kind" has a clever gimmick and nothing more. It opens with Milla Jovovich talking directly to the audience, explaining that she is "actress Milla Jovovich" and that we're about to see her and other performers re-create mysterious events that occurred in Nome, Alaska, in 2000.

Jovovich promises to share actual archival footage and audio recording of the events, interspersed with the dramatizations.

SLIDESHOW: Fact or Fiction — Alien Hoaxes Uncovered

All of this is straight-up bull calculated to get teens Googling around to figure out "what really happened." The similar "Paranormal Activity," which went with a full-on "Blair Witch" style, worked far more effectively. Yet "The Fourth Kind" does keep you off balance for a while and wins points for originality.

There are split screens containing the time-stamped "archival footage" (actually, ugly actors in poorly lit scenes with the grainy quality of surveillance video) next to the same scenes being performed by Jovovich and the other name actors.

Jovovich plays a shrink with two sullen kids trying to figure out what causes her patients to shoot themselves, speak in ancient tongues and levitate. And angry cop (Will Patton) keeps rushing in threatening to arrest her, even when witnesses and other cops have seen that she doesn't do anything wrong.

Patton offers helpful advice like, "You can't just stop being insane whenever you want. It's the kind of thing that stays with you." Thanks. But we already knew that from observing the persistently demented hatred that continues to chase the best-known Alaskan like an evil spirit.

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