White House, Pentagon Fail to Communicate?

The news that is not White House approved...

Detainees First

Hospitalizations and deaths continue to rise thanks to the shortage of H1N1 vaccine here in the U.S., which is why many Americans were surprised when the Pentagon confirmed Gitmo detainees would soon be vaccinated.

But almost immediately after that news broke, White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said this:


ROBERT GIBBS, WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY, NOV. 3: There is no vaccine in Guantanamo, there's no vaccine on the way to Guantanamo.

UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: So the Pentagon was wrong when they confirmed that on Friday?

GIBBS: I don't know what the Pentagon said. I know in asking yesterday whether or not there was any there or whether there was any vaccine that was on its way, the answer to both of those questions was no — that was because there wasn't any there and there wasn't any on the way.


Despite that denial, the Defense Department is confirming that the suspected terrorists at Gitmo will be vaccinated. A DOD spokesman told Fox News, "The department has an obligation to care for persons in its custody and we take that seriously."

Robert, you may want to try picking up the phone once and awhile to speak to your colleagues over at the Pentagon.

Dems Unplugged

President Obama has yet to utter a word about this week's election results, but other Democrats aren't following his lead. A number of red state Democrats have voiced serious concerns to Politico.com about what the results in Virginia and New Jersey mean for their future.

Unlike Nancy Pelosi who declared on Wednesday that Democrats "won last night," Virginia Senator Mark Warner has conceded that Democrats "got walloped."

Several House members echoed that sentiment, and needless to say, they are not looking forward to the 2010 midterms. Alabama Congressman Parker Griffith told Politico, "I should be nervous," and New Jersey Congressman Bill Pascrell said, "People who had weak knees before are going to have weaker knees now."

As House members cast their votes Saturday on health care reform, they may want to keep all of this in mind.

Blaming Obama

Gay rights activists also suffered a major defeat at the polls this week. In Maine, voters rejected a law that would have allowed same sex couples to marry in that state, and according to national gay rights leaders, the man to blame for the loss is Barack Obama.

Despite claiming to support gay rights, the president refused to weigh in on the issue before Election Day, and that isn't sitting well with folks like Evan Wolfson from the group Freedom to Marry. He told the Associated Press that President Obama "missed an opportunity" and said that "subtle statements from the White House are not enough."

Don't worry, Mr. President, the week is almost over.

Honoring Vets

Wednesday, Americans will honor the selfless men and women who have risked their lives to keep our country safe. Last week’s events at Fort Hood, Texas, certainly serves as a reminder of just how lucky we are to have them.

On Veterans Day this year, Applebee's Neighborhood Bar and Grill is going to great lengths to show their appreciation, offering a free meal to all veterans and all active duty military. Soldiers and Marines are invited to come by one of their 2,000-plus restaurants nationwide and will be able to choose from six of their signature dishes.

For complete details go to http://applebees.com/vetsday.

I want to congratulate Applebee's for taking the time to honor America's finest.

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