Florida Teacher Reportedly Suspended for Coercing 6-Year-Old Student to Clean Another's Urine

A Florida kindergarten teacher reportedly has been removed from her classroom after allegedly coercing a 6-year-old girl to clean up another student's urine.

Teacher Martha Ensley told police she was in the middle of a lesson at Floresta Elementary Monday when the girl informed that there was urine on the bathroom floor, the TCPalm.com reported.

Despite her policy that students clean their own messes, Ensley said she told the girl to 'just clean it up,' then gave her Dolphin Dollars – play money given to students to encourage good behavior – as a reward for following those orders, the officer's report stated.

The girl's mother, Lisa Portieles, came to the school to complain two days later, triggering the call to police, and an internal investigation, TCPalm.com reported.

“It worries me because she’s got a stack (of Dolphin Dollars) this big, and I’m just imagining if she’s done that, what else did she do for that stack of dolphin cards?” Portieles told TCPalm.

Police and the state attorney’s office concluded no crime was committed, but the school is conducting an its own probe to determine if school rules were broken, TCPalm.com reported.

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