5 Ways To Reform Your Needy Girlfriend

You’re crazy about your latest girl and things are going well. She’s hot (naturally), super cool (all your buddies approve) and she’s confident (in other words, she doesn’t hassle you and gives you space). Then bam! Suddenly, everything changes and she goes "all crazy" on you and you’re reminded why you might give up on women.

She’s needy. She’s clingy. In short, she’s driving you absolutely nuts and you’re wondering what happened to the great girlfriend you used to brag about. Guys, in most instances, this is not a bait and switch — we promise. Usually this is a simple case of your girlfriend not feeling secure in the relationship.

Yes, we said simple. In fact, there are five relatively easy things you can do to make her feel secure in your relationship and make her actually believe you are still into her (and to keep her from being needy, clingy and crazy).

1. Do What You Say You Will Do

When you first met her, you were in full pursuit mode. She is hot and smart and you wanted her to be yours. If you said you were going to call, you did. If you said you were going to text, you did. Once the relationship solidifies and you aren’t always as good at doing what you say you will do, trust me, she notices. A woman equates doing what you say you will do with interest in her.

Keep doing what you say you will do and she’ll keep thinking (and more importantly actually believing) you're into her.

2. Randomly Clue Her In

Share what you’re thinking at spontaneous times. If she starred in your dreams last night, tell her. If you are thinking about her instead of working on that report for work, shoot her an e-mail saying so. You don’t have to do this all the time, or even frequently. The random disclosure of such information will be a gold mine to her! She’ll keep thinking (and more importantly actually believing) you're into her.

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3. Not Out of Sight, Out of Mind

One of a woman’s greatest fears in a relationship is once she is out of your sight she is out of your mind — especially when you’re out with the boys. Most women have no problem with guys’ night (we want our girl time too) but, we get nervous if you’re out all night and we don’t hear from you. We know you’re not like us (when we get with our girlfriends, you are the primary topic of conversation), so sometimes our imaginations run wild and we fear you don’t remember us while throngs of hot women hit on you.

All you have to do is something simple, like sending a text (step away from your buddies so they don’t give you crap), and she’ll know you remember you have a great girlfriend at home. She’ll keep thinking (and more importantly actually believing) you're into her.

4. Maintain Contact When Out Together

No, this doesn’t mean you have to stick by her side all night when the two of you are at a party. Women just want to be confident that you remember you brought a great date. It’s really simple. Catch her eye across the room and hold her gaze for a minute (she’ll remember why you caught her eye in the first place). If you walk past her, give her arm a squeeze and lead her into a room by placing your hand on the small of her back (she’ll remember why she likes your touch). Trust me, if you do these things, not only will she know (and actually believe) you're into her; she’ll be in a rush to get home and show you she’s into you.

5. Prove You’re Observant

Women want you to notice things. Frequently you do, but you probably don’t bother to voice it. State your observations (of course, only the good ones) once in a while and she’ll know you’re into her.

For example, I once was rambling — in typical girl fashion — to a guy I was seeing about a pair of shoes I had worn the last time we saw each other. I stopped myself mid-story (realizing I was being an annoying girl) and said: "I’m sure you didn’t notice my shoes. I’m sorry…" He interrupted and said: "Oh, I noticed your shoes. They were sexy," and went on to compliment me on how I looked that day. He could have easily kept that to himself; instead he disclosed it, proving he pays attention — which kept me thinking (and more importantly actually believing) he was into me.

Rehabilitation Is Possible

Guys, if your girl is at all worth your time, following these five things will definitely keep the neediness, clinginess and craziness to a minimum.