Turkey Reportedly Detains 5 Pirates Trying to Hijack Ship

Turkish navy officers have detained five pirates attempting to hijack a Greek ship in the Gulf of Aden on Thursday, Reuters reported.

The pirates reportedly fired at the Greek vessel from their motor boat, Reuters reported.

"The (Turkish naval ship) TCG Gediz prevented the ship hijacking with warning shots and helicopter backup ... The TCG Gediz reacted to the call for help issued by the M/V Theoforos and detained the five bandits on board the motor boat," the military said in a statement, according to Reuters.

Turkey has sent two warships to the Gulf of Aden since the beginning of the year in order to prevent pirate hijackings, Reuters reported.

The Gulf of Aden, which links the Suez Canal and the Red Sea to the Indian Ocean, is the shortest route from Asia to Europe and one of the world's busiest shipping lanes.

Somalia, which has not had an effective central government for 18 years, became the world's top piracy hotspot last year.

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The Associated Press contributed to this report