Report: Abdullah Will Not Join New Afghan Government

Afghan President Hamid Karzai will appoint engineers, economists and a few existing ministers to his new government, his spokesman announced on Wednesday, Reuters reported.

Meanwhile, Karzai's main rival, former Foreign Minister Abdullah Abdullah, called Karzai's re-election illegal and said he would not take any part it, Reuters reported.

Karzai's return to power drew warnings from President Obama and Prime Minister Gordon Brown, who urged him to bring in new, credible figures to his administration to help root out corruption, the news agency reported.

Obama is considering whether to send additional troops to fight Taliban in the region.

Karzai said he was determined to have an inclusive government, but Abdullah did not want to be included despite pressure for a power-sharing deal, Reuters reported.

"I have no interest in the future cabinet of Karzai's government and I will pursue my agenda, which is change," said Abdullah, according to Reuters.

Abdullah said he does not believe that Karzai will be able to bring about reform, Reuters reported.

"A government which is derived from such an illegal decision will not be able to deliver." said Abdullah.

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