Parents Who Lost Custody of 7 Children for Being Too Fat Get Newborn Back

A newborn baby who was taken away from her parents because they were judged too overweight to look after her has returned home.

The family from Dundee, Scotland was split up by social workers from the city's Children's Panel.

The baby girl was born two weeks ago and was taken from the arms of her 322-pound mother shortly after her birth.

The 40-year-old woman and her 53-year-old husband, who weighs around 252-pound, have not been named to protect the identity of their children.

Two of their children, ages 3 and 4, were taken away earlier this year.

Another four children, including a 13-year-old boy who is said to weigh 224-pounds, have also been taken from their parents.

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The local authority has also expressed concerns that the children too are overweight.

Speaking exclusively to Sky News, the mother said the family is being discriminated against.

"When they took my baby away I couldn't believe it," she said. "I had to pull the needle out of my arm and run out of the hospital. I love all my children so much and we look after them well. I'm so happy to have my baby back but I just want the others home as well now."

The father said they were addressing the weight issue and were doing the best they could.

"We feed them well, lots of fruit and vegetables, and no fried foods," he said.

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