Dad's Math Quiz Wakes Teen From Coma

A young girl’s love of mathematics not only helped her excel in school – but it also saved her life.

Vicki Alex, who was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia in September, was placed in a medically induced coma after her condition started to deteriorate last month, The Daily Mail reported.

Doctors were unable to guarantee that she would regain consciousness, so they asked her parents Nick and Tracy to talk to her and try and trigger a reaction.

After hours of talking about her favorite subjects including music and her friends, her father finally turned to her other love of math.

"She’s always loved mental arithmetic and math is her favorite subject at school so I went for that," her dad told the newspaper. "I didn't want to overload her so I asked her really easy questions."

He started by asking Vicki what one plus one was.

"To my amazement, Vicki grunted a response, but I couldn't make out what she was saying," he said. "So I asked her if the answer was two. She nodded."

At the time, doctors said it was just a coincidence, until Vicki shook her head when her father asked her a question about English, which she dislikes. It was then that doctors agreed she might be coming round.

"It was magical," her dad added.

The next day Vicki removed the breathing tube out of her mouth.

"It was pandemonium for a few seconds but they quickly realized she was breathing on her own. She was back," her dad said.

Vicki has since been discharged from Leicester Royal Infirmary in England for a few days, but she must return to the hospital for further chemotherapy.

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