Ohio Woman Loses Wedding Ring in Trick-or-Treater's Bucket

An Ohio woman is hoping a kind trick-or-treater will return the wedding band she lost when handing out candy on Halloween night.

Elizabeth Olson said her 3-diamond anniversary ring slipped off into a trick-or-treater's candy bucket, Fox 19 reported.

"I had it enlarged, and then when it got cold you know your fingers get smaller, and I noticed that it was spinning around more than it had been before, but I didn't realize that it would slip off," said Olson, according to Fox 19.

"So as I was throwing candy in pillow cases and buckets, I threw my ring too."

"She didn't tell me till (Sunday)," said her husband, Stefan Olson, Fox 19 reported.

"But when she told me I just really just felt sorry for her."

Stefan Olson called all of their friends to see if their children had found the ring in their buckets.

"We're thinking that normally after Halloween, the kids empty their bags and buckets and sort it out and hopefully some little kid has a stack with a diamond ring on it," said Stefan Olson.

Elizabeth told Fox 19 that she is holding out hope that the ring will make its way back to her finger.

"It's not like I'm the first or last person that it has happened to," she said. "I just hope that it finds its way back"

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