Man's Heart Stops After Rare Allergy to Wife's Lotion

Darren Young is itching to get on with his love life — but he's allergic to his wife's lotion.

Young, 45, risks breaking out in blotches and sending his heart rate haywire if he touches his wife when she is wearing creams and lotions.

His body swells up and his heart has even stopped beating when he comes into contact with large enough amounts of a chemical used in many common cosmetics.

He is one of only three recorded cases in the world with an allergy to creams containing polyethylene glycol.

"When it comes to bedtime Sue doesn't need a headache as an excuse," Young joked. "She just says she has been using body lotion and it might kill me."

The allergy was discovered when Young was given a shot containing the chemical for a foot problem.

In seconds his face swelled, his 6-foot, 224-pound frame ballooned and his heart stopped and had to be restarted twice.

Since then he has had to study product labels, watch what he touches and carry a special medical kit in case of a reaction.

Besides cosmetics, he must avoid certain foods, toothpaste, soap, shaving cream, suntan oil and even air freshener.

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