Dog Rescued After Spending 6 Days Underground

Lucy the Dachshund was dug out of a hole and reunited with her happy owners after spending six days trapped underground.

The five-year-old dog darted down the hole after running away from her owners John and Janet West during a country walk in a British nature reserve, Hampshire's New Forest. The dog became wedged eight feet down.

Lucy was eventually unearthed using a mechanical digger in a delicate three hour operation using a variety of types of high-tech equipment.

When the Wests first noticed their beloved pet had vanished, they spent hours calling for Lucy but, unable to find her anywhere, realized she must have gone down the badger hole in Hampshire's New Forest.

Over the next five days the couple, from Burley, Hants, tried to coax the dog out by leaving her favorite food of hot tripe at the entrance of the hole.

The worried couple alerted the RSPCA, the fire service and the Forestry Commission to obtain special licences from Natural England to check the sett at Heavens Gate, Shoot Wood.

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