One of Italy's Most Wanted Mafia Bosses Arrested Near Naples

Authorities have arrested one of Italy's most wanted Mafia bosses at a farmhouse on the slopes of Mount Vesuvius after 15 years on the run.

Salvatore Russo, regarded as one of the 30 most wanted and dangerous Mafia fugitives, had been hiding from police since 1995.

Police said Russo had several weapons, including an Uzi and a pistol, when they found him in a hiding space behind a wall on the farm during a raid Saturday.

Russo, 51, is believed to be the leading boss of Naple's Camorra organized crime family, Reuters reports. He had been convicted to life in prison for the murder and criminal association with the Mafia.

"This is a very heavy blow for the Camorra, we are closing the net on the superfugitives," Interior Minister Roberto Maroni told Reuters.

Investigators say Russo headed a crime clan based in Nola, a town northeast of Naples. They say his older brother Pasquale has been a fugitive since 1995.

Russo's arrest comes two days after Italian prosecutors released a video showing a daytime gangland-style killing on a Naples street. Police believe the victim was a leader of a Camorra gang.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.