Video of Mafia Murder in Naples Released in Attempt to Catch Killer

Italian prosecutors have released a video showing a daytime gangland-style killing on a Naples street in May in hope of finding the killer.

The shooting was captured by a surveillance camera and shows a man in a baseball hat shooting a man in the back and then the head. Police identified the victim as Mariano Bacio Tarracino, 53, who had a Mafia criminal record, the London Times reports.

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Tarracino, known to police as a bank robber, was understood to be a leader of a Camorra gang, the local Mafia in Naples, the Daily Sun reports.

The prosecutors' office said Thursday that authorities have not been able to identify Tarracino's killer, or the identity of another man, possibly a lookout, who left the scene just before the killer arrived.

After the shooting, the gunman walked away with his face uncovered, while pedestrians seemed unfazed, the London Times reports. Video footage shows a woman reportedly scratching a lottery ticket right beside the scene of the crime.

Mara Carfagna, the head of anti-Mafia investigations in Naples, said people needed to see the "crude" work of the Camorra gang.

Carfagna said the footage was released to urge "the cooperation of whoever can provide information to identify the killer and his lookout."

The Camorra crime organization was the subject of a popular film in Italy two years ago called Gomorra. So far this year there have been more than 30 Camorra murders in the city of Naples, many of which remain unsolved and stem from feuds between rival clans, the Daily Sun reports.

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The Associated Press contributed to this report.