U.K. Nursery Worker Guilty of Sex Abuse IDs Victims in Bid for Lighter Sentence

Vanessa George, the British nursery worker who last month pleaded guilty to sexually abusing children in her care, has begun to identify her victims.

George, 39, had previously refused to cooperate with detectives investigating the abuse at Little Ted’s nursery.

In October she admitted charges of sex abuse and taking indecent photographs of the children, some as young as 12 months.

George used her cell phone to take pictures of herself sexually assaulting children. But detectives said it had been impossible to identify the children as their heads were out of shot and she had refused to name them.

The judge at Bristol Crown Court warned George that he would take into account her refusal to identify her victims when she is sentenced next month and urged her to reconsider.

A source close to George’s defense team said Thursday that the names of at least 10 youngsters have been passed to Devon and Cornwall Police.

“She has told her defense team everything she knows. We are looking at double figures in terms of the number of victims she has identified," the source said.

“She obviously wanted to wipe the slate clean so she can get a lighter sentence.”

The source added: “Now she has named names and is no doubt hoping that will be reflected when she is sentenced.

“She told a family member from jail that she may get four years, and serve only half that in jail. But she may be in for a big shock. We think the judge will add another 10.”

Detectives are assessing the information and comparing it to what they already know before confirming to any of the parents whose children were at Little Ted’s that they were among George’s victims.

George and two other pedophiles she contacted on the Internet, Colin Blanchard, 39, from Rochdale, and Angela Allen, also 39, from Nottingham, are due to be sentenced on Nov. 13.

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