Madonna's Ex-Lover Furious Over 'Pathetic' New Tell-All

Madonna's one-time lover Ingrid Casares is furious over "Miami Babylon," the new book by Gerald Posner that portrays her as a drug-using celebrity suck-up.

"Maybe all those facelifts clouded his memory . . . pathetic," the night-life impresario Tweeted on Wednesday before Posner did a book-signing in Miami.

Casares later told the Miami Herald the book is "complete fiction" and said: "He quotes me as saying I had nothing better to do than taking drugs and being a sycophant. Not only would I not describe my disease of addiction that way, I would never describe a friendship with Madonna of 20 years as me being a sycophant. How ridiculous."

Casares, who visited Madonna here last weekend with her son, Nicolas, 9, called Posner "a lame excuse for an author [who] screwed over a lot of people who worked very hard to make this city what it is today."

Posner, who said he's never had a facelift, thinks Casares is upset because his book details how she dumped Sandra Bernhard for Madonna in 1991 — a few months before Steven Meisel took photos for Madonna's "Sex" book. The pictures, he writes, showed "Ingrid cuddling with the naked pop star and French-kissing her. In one entry Madonna describes them lying naked on a sundeck, and concludes: 'I'm going to have to go now because I think I have to [bleep] Ingrid or she is going to freak.' "

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