Car Lands on Roof of Australian Home

A young family in Sydney, Australia is incredibly lucky to be alive and uninjured after a car flew into the air, cleared a 7 foot fence, and landed upside down inside the roof of their single story house early Sunday morning, The Daily Telegraph reports.

The violent crash sent debris flying into surrounding homes, including a piece of a smashed traffic light pole which ended up lodged in the roof of a house 393 feet down the street.

Police say they suspect speed and alcohol were contributing factors in the crash, and are investigating whether the car’s driver had been racing with another vehicle seen travelling close behind them at the time of the accident.

The crash, which left seasoned police officers speechless, occurred at about 2 a.m. local time when a sedan left the eastbound lanes of a road, ran over a median strip, crashed through a traffic light pole and drove over a sidewalk.

But what would normally have been a routine traffic accident became jaw-dropping when the car hit a large ramp-shaped mound of dirt and took off skywards.

The car soared over a towering wooden fence, travelled through tree branches – then flipped – before being swallowed by the tile roof of Peter and Katy Arnold’s brick home.

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