New York Man With Dagger Goes on Wild Stabbing Spree Before Cops Kill Him

A New York City man wielding a 6-inch dagger went on a bloody slashing spree Wednesday night, fatally stabbing a neighbor, wounding his own mom's boyfriend and taunting cops — who then killed the crazed assailant in a hail of bullets, authorities said.

"My lady's son attacked me," a bleeding 50-year-old man told cops outside the residence in the city's Harlem section.

Cops met up with the wild-eyed, 21-year-old slasher on a second-floor landing, where he waved the blood-soaked dagger and asked, "You want some of this?", a source said.

"Drop the knife!" cops responded. Instead, the slasher began "closing the distance between the lead officer and himself, coming at the lead officer with the dagger," another source said.

One officer fired three to six shots, but the assailant still staggered toward the cops, who kicked the knife from his hand, sources said. He died at the scene.

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