Alleged Erin Andrews Peeping Tom Used Cell Phone

The alleged stalker of ESPN hottie Erin Andrews was a bland insurance salesman who in his spare time tracked the TV sports babe across the country and repeatedly tried to get close to her, her lawyer told The Post.

"The stalker targeted her and was obsessive in his attempt to victimize her," Marshall Grossman said yesterday. "Clearly, Erin was the victim of a major crime."

Michael David Barrett, 48, allegedly doctored the peepholes on hotel-room doors and made eight videotapes on a cellphone camera of a nude Andrews, which he tried to sell to the celebrity-news site and also put on the Internet.

Grossman said Barrett, who never had direct contact with Andrews, first tried to videotape her in Columbia, SC, in February 2008.

He allegedly got her in his sights in September 2008, when, according to a criminal complaint, he found her at a Marriott Hotel in Nashville.

"His method of operation was to learn her travel schedule . . . and then call all hotels in the area of the event," Grossman said. "During those calls, he would ask if Erin Andrews is a guest or expected. To our shock, some hotels gave him an answer."

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