Man Says Spray-On Deodorant Turned Him Into Human Fireball

A man blames his spray-on deodorant for triggering a fire at a family barbecue that left him horrifically burned.

Philip Hodger, a scout leader from Bodmin in Cornwall, England turned into a human fireball while trying to light the barbecue in May.

A spark from the match he was using touched his clothes and flames spread quickly across his torso, arms and neck as his five young children stood by.

Hodger's life was saved by his quick-thinking partner Tonii Gardner, 28, who grabbed a hose and sprayed him with water as he also attempted to put the flames out.

"I just saw this ball of flames running towards me," Gardner told The Cornishman. "I grabbed the hosepipe and sprayed him down with one hand and I was calling the ambulance with the other."

The 32-year-old believes the deodorant he was wearing fueled the flames that left burns to 30 percent of his body.

Most spray-on deodorants warn of fire hazards when used around open flames or while smoking and advise against going near flames until the deodorant is fully dry.

"I sprayed deodorant from a can about 20 minutes beforehand and it caused this terrible freak accident," he said.

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