A quick trip around Hannity's America...

Michael and Me

Michael Moore and his movies are no strangers to controversy. They've shocked audiences around the country and around the world for years, but he still has the power to surprise audiences.

You won't believe what he told our own Griff Jenkins Tuesday on Wall Street. This is what he had to say about little old me:


GRIFF JENKINS, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Sean Hannity, he questions Washington —


JENKINS: God bless Sean Hannity?


MOORE: Of course, God bless Sean Hannity!


Am I dreaming? I wonder why he canceled being on this very show?

Moore went on to describe a bet that he and I made after he appeared on my radio show. Moore claimed that President George W. Bush would be impeached before serving eight years in office:


MOORE: Sean said, "Well, I'll bet you on that." I said, "OK. You're on." And we — and then — so he says, "Well, what do I have to do if I lose?" And I said, "Well, if you lose, Sean, you're going to have to on your show one night wear a big button that says 'I Love Hillary.'"

And then he said, "OK, and if you lose, you have to stand in front of the White House with a sign that says 'Sean Hannity was right.'"



JENKINS: You're on Wall Street. I give you that opportunity. Look right at him.

MOORE: Sean Hannity was right.


Words of wisdom from Michael Moore. Finally he's seen the light.

Payback Time!

The saga involving New York Governor David Paterson and the White House continues. Earlier this week it was reported that President Obama asked Governor Paterson not to seek re-election. Well, not only is Paterson ignoring the alleged request from his party's leader, he's fighting back with strong words of his own.

Tuesday, Paterson took a shot at the Obama administration's record, telling reporters he is not surprised the White House is so concerned about statewide races because, "If you look at it from their perspective, they haven't exactly been able to govern in the first year of their administration the way that other administrations have."


I don't think comments like that are going to win the governor any endorsements from President Obama.

Changing Its Tune

The Meltdown is brought to you by The New York "Obama" Times. Readers of that newspaper were in for a big surprise this week when they opened the newspaper to read the following: "Global temperatures have been relatively stable for a decade and may even drop in the next few years."

What? This from one of the chief promoters of climate hysteria!

I guess the president hasn't been reading the newspaper too closely. Look at the doomsday scenario he laid out Wednesday:


PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: If we continue down our current course, every member of this assembly will see irreversible changes within their borders. Our efforts to end conflicts will be eclipsed by wars over refugees and resources. Development will be devastated by drought and famine. Land that human beings have lived on for millennia will disappear.


But then again, we never actually thought that facts form the basis of any of the president's decisions or speeches.

No Water for You!

Last week we told you about the plight of farmers in California's San Joaquin Valley. They are the victims of a drought that was created by the government turning off the water supply to their farmers in order to save a two-inch-long fish called the delta smelt.

Tuesday, Senator Jim DeMint proposed an amendment to get water to these farms, but it didn't take long for California's Dianne Feinstein to interfere. You won't believe what she said. Take a look at this:


SENATOR DIANNE FEINSTEIN, D-CALIF.: Water is a huge complicated and difficult issue. And no one -- no one -- cares more about it than I do, Mr. President. Or has tried harder to sort out the problems.

So in a way, this is kind of a Pearl Harbor on everything that we're trying to do which is to work together to put Interior in the lead, not to handcuff Interior. And that's the reason I objected to the amendment.


Let me get this straight: An amendment that would bring water to the struggling farmers is tantamount to Pearl Harbor?

Madame Senator, you may think this issue is too complicated for us regular folks to understand, but bringing water to the farmers seems like a very simple matter. There was an amendment proposed Tuesday that would have gotten the job done and you voted against it.

That doesn't seem too complicated to me.


ACORN has been in the spotlight lately and it looks like its leaders are milking it for all its worth.

The Washington Examiner points out an employment ad in The Washington Post announcing ACORN CEO Bertha Lewis is hiring a social media organizer. This person will, "Create or upgrade a presence for Bertha Lewis, ACORN's chief organizer, on various social media, including Facebook, MySpace and Twitter."

As a bonus, I bet your tax dollars will pay that person's salary. I bet that makes you feel great.

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