Girl Who Had 11 Blood Transfusions Before She Was Born Turns 1

After undergoing 11 blood transfusions in the womb, a British toddler is healthy and celebrated her first birthday, the Daily Telegraph reported.

Doctors treated Jasmine Turner, who has rhesus disease, in the womb by injecting blood into the umbilical cord.

Rhesus disease is when the mother’s antibodies attack the baby’s blood cells. The disease can cause jaundice and anemia in babies, and if it’s not treated it can lead to more severe outcomes such as blindness, or even death.

The disease usually occurs if the mother has Rh negative blood and her first baby is Rh positive. During subsequent pregnancies, the mother’s antibodies will be able to pass through the placenta and into the fetus. Jasmine’s brother Ryan, 6, has Rh positive blood.

"Without people who generously donate blood, we wouldn’t have Jasmine here with us today," said Melanie Turner, Jasmine’s mother. "We would have missed out on the most beautiful little girl."

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