Notre Dame Sues Caterer Mistakenly Given $29G Gratuity

The University of Notre Dame has a new tip for a catering employee they mistakenly gave a $29,000 gratuity check: Give it back.

A lawsuit filed by the Indiana university claims Sara Gaspar used the accidental check to pay bills and buy a new car, MyFOX Chicago reported.

Notre Dame claims the check, which was supposed to be for $29.87, not $29,387, was issued on April 17 and alleges caterer Gaspar never notified university officials about the blunder.

Gaspar claims when messages she left regarding the check went unreturned, she assumed the amount wasn't a mistake. She also said her supervisors told her the check was legitimate and they would pass on her messages to the human resources department, MyFOX Chicago reported.

"I guess because it was there and I was in a bad situation, I went out and spent it," Gaspar told the South Bend Tribune. "I was so excited ... I thought, I could pay some of these bills."

Her attorney claims that because the funds were listed as "gratuity" and not "wages," Gaspar did nothing wrong.

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