FOXSexpert: Sex Advice for the World's Tallest Man

It can be hard enough for the average man to get a gal. But try doing it when you’re more than 8-feet-tall.

This is the problem facing Sultan Kosen, the newly crowned world’s tallest man. Despite his new fame, his desires are simple – all he wants is a girlfriend and a car.

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Between wooing women and then trying to have a sexual relationship with any of them, he seems to be on a near mission impossible. So what’s this Turk to do?

The issue of height differences pops up regularly in popular magazines. The editors and their readers ponder if it’s possible for lovers with major height differences to consider each other, let alone try any carnal coupling. As someone who is 5-foot-2-on a good day, and who has typically had partners a good foot taller, I think that the problems associated with height differences are more supposed than anything.

Height is hardly ever a problem in or out of the sack (unless you’re on a dance floor). But when you’re more than 8-feet tall and all the women in your dating pool are automatically much shorter, the circumstances change considerably.

Kosen has his work cut out for him in attracting, and then seducing, a special lady. But his efforts can be made all the easier with the following ...

— Try to look less threatening.

Women may be afraid of or intimated by his height. By cultivating a teddy bear image, he needs to make sure that he looks lovable. He should avoid black colors, as well as bold colors that will simply make him look even more larger than life. Basically, he wants to look clean-cut, suave, and approachable and friendly, which is best topped off with a smile.

— Pursue activities that reinforce that he’s a good guy.

Kosen should stay away from macho-oriented activities and involve himself in non-threatening activities. For example, volunteering for a charity always makes a good impression.

— Cultivate his level of sophistication.

Involving himself in the arts or the finer things in life will further help to make this guy seem less intimidating. Instead, he will appear debonair. Attending a wine tasting event is also a great way to meet women.

— Get a dog.

Cuddly, friendly-looking canines can make any owner more approachable.

— Seek out events where his height isn’t as noticeable.

Let’s face it, Kosen will never blend in. But attending athletic events where other men are especially tall, such as a basketball game, is going to make his height seem less extreme.

— Go anywhere tall women go.

From volleyball matches to tall women’s clothing stores, Kosen needs to scout out places where he’s likely to find a woman who sees eye-to-eye with him. A search of some cities online may reveal clubs hosting public or private social events for tall singles.

— Surf tall singles Web sites.

Kosen can find these by Googling “tall singles” or “tall personals.”

— Move to The Netherlands or a Nordic country.

Kosen will better his chances in a country where women are, on average, known to be taller.

Now, once Kosen has paired up with the woman of his dreams, how can they make sure their sex life is compatible? Thankfully, there are some positions that will work in their favor.

When it comes to sexual positions, the height difference becomes less noticeable when people lie down. This is mostly because it’s a person’s legs, versus torso, that account for the height difference. While the missionary position may be a challenge for them, woman on top will work well, especially since she can control the speed and angle of the action.

Another position where height isn’t a major factor is spooning.

And regardless of height, oral sex is also a super way for lovers to take turns pleasing each other.

Finally, sex equipment can come to their aid, taking their sexual performance to new heights, quite literally. Sex equipment and furniture can enable Kosen to suspend, stroke, move, prop up or bend his lover in all sorts of positions, while hitting her erogenous zones. His choices include:

— Door Sex-Swing

Kosen can hang this swing’s acrylic tubes over the top of any door. Action can get under way as soon as he’s (1) closed the door; and (2) helped his lover slide her legs through the loops. Once adjusted, she can then balance herself with the arm handles.

— LoveRocker

While Kosen can have sex in any chair with his lover on top, the LoveRocker makes both of their efforts easier for more relaxing, longer-lasting sex.

Hopefully, this advice is enough to launch Kosen’s efforts. In the meantime, let’s hope that he gets that dream car of his -- a vehicle large enough for some backseat action with his special someone too!

Dr. Yvonne K. Fulbright is a sex educator, relationship expert, columnist and founder of Sexuality Source Inc. She is the author of several books including, "Touch Me There! A Hands-On Guide to Your Orgasmic Hot Spots."

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