Police Investigating U.K. Supermarket 'Chicken Licker'

Police in the U.K. are investigating hidden camera footage that shows a supermarket worker licking fresh chickens before putting them back on store shelves.

The cell phone footage also shows the man wreaking havoc in the aisles of an Asda store during his night shifts, urinating in a bin in the men's room, playing cricket with food items, smashing eggs and setting off fire extinguishers.

The man who called himself Adeel Ayub is dressed in the supermarket chain's distinctive green uniform, as he laughs and gloats about his behavior at a store in Lancashire, England. This store was picked by Asda bosses to feature in a new TV advertising campaign which was filmed in May.

The worker is also observed wrecking furniture in a staff room, slashing the coats of colleagues and filming firefighters responding to a false alarm.

His spree, thought to have been filmed by a colleague over several night shifts, led to the closure of the staffroom and an $82 reward from the company for information about the damage.

Ayub, who worked for the company from 2005 to last year, is also spotted returning to the store this year wearing a hoodie and stamping his feet on fresh ready-to-cook chickens in the freezer.

He also rips open the plastic wrapping around one of the chickens, pokes his fingers in the flesh and licks the breast before returning the bird to the shelf.

His antics were uncovered after the film was left anonymously in a brown envelope at a local newspaper. Asda was handed a copy and immediately called police.

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