'Two-in-One' Breast Surgery Uses Unwanted Body Fat

For women who want to get rid of excess fat from their thighs and stomach and increase their bust size all at the same time – there’s a new procedure that aims to achieve both of those goals.

The technique, which has been under trial in Britain and the U.S., is being hailed as a “two-in-one op” because excess fat is extracted where it is not wanted and “relocated” to the bust. Doctors believe it will bring several benefits, including more natural shape and feel to augmented breasts. No synthetic implants are needed.

“This is the most exciting breakthrough in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery that I have seen over the last two decades,” said Mel Braham, chairman of the Harley Medical Group, a chain of 26 cosmetic surgery clinics that will offer the technique. “It amounts to two beneficial procedures in one — taking unwanted fat from one or two areas of a patient’s body and transferring it to the breast area.”

More than 2,500 women have already registered with the clinics to receive information about the operation, which will become commercially available in Britain early next year. The operation will cost about $13,000.

Surgeons say an increase of up to three cup sizes can be achieved by the redistribution of body fat.

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