Spitzer's Ex-Call Girl Releases Pop Song

Ashley Dupre — the escort who toppled a governor — is sick of hiding.

Eighteen months after the scandal that took down Eliot Spitzer, the 24-year-old wants to become a singer, a mother, an author — anything but that girl.

"Everyone likes an underdog story, and everyone likes a comeback," she said during an exclusive interview and fashion shoot with The Post. "I'm the poster child for redemption."

She's recording pop songs and angling for a record deal, working on a book she calls a "cautionary tale," and on her reactivated MySpace page, she talks about love, life and wishing "luck" to her former "Client 9."

"What I meant by 'I wish him luck' is that I felt like there was hope in the news that he may be entering politics again," Dupre said, though she declined to say whether the Luv Gov would get her vote. "If people could forgive him, they could forgive me."

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