Five Afghans Thought to Be Missing in Poland Now Accounted For

Five Afghans who were thought to be missing in Poland have actually left the country, the Polish Foreign Ministry said Thursday.

The five had been in a group of 47 people from Afghanistan invited to take part in a weeklong democracy training program last year.

Ministry spokesman Piotr Paszkowski had said earlier Tuesday that the five went missing after arriving in Warsaw, but his office later said all five had left Poland.

The office said police reports show one of the five went back to Afghanistan, but it had no information on where the other four traveled.

One of the five had abandoned the Oct. 9-18 course before it started, three quit during the course and one left after it was over, Paszkowski's office said.

The Foreign Ministry expressed regret that some participants decided to abandon the training. Poland regularly offers the weeklong course called "Strategic Economic Needs and Security Exercise" to nationals of various emerging democracies.