84-Year-Old Wants Sentence Reduced in Decapitation Case

An 84-year-old woman serving a 100-year sentence in her husband's decapitation murder is asking a judge to reduce her sentence.

Rosemary Komyatti likened herself to "another Nicole Brown Simpson" and says she was the victim of physical and verbal abuse by her husband, Paul Komyatti Sr., the Post-Trib.com reported.

Komyatti says in her request that she was asleep during the gruesome 1983 killing. She asserts that her then-teenage son held her husband down in bed while her son-in-law stabbed the man more than 30 times and severed his head with a hacksaw.

She was convicted of murder and conspiracy to commit her husband's murder. Her son-in-law, William Vandiver, was executed in 1985.

Komyatti is one of the oldest inmates in Indiana and is housed at the Indiana Women's Prison in Indianapolis. She is being treated for hypertension, heart disease and poor circulation.

Her motion for sentence reduction states that "since her incarceration, she has really changed."

Komyatti says she worked in the kitchen since January 1984 and has regularly attended Bible study classes and has taken advantage of vocational opportunities, therapy groups and recreational programs, the Post-Trib.com reported.

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