Putting American CIA Agents in Danger

You'll remember the Valerie Plame situation, where the former CIA operative was publicly named in a weapons of mass destruction controversy. Led by NBC News and The New York Times, the left-wing media went nuts, and ultimately Scooter Libby, a top adviser to Vice President Cheney, was convicted of a crime.

Now we have a situation that is far worse, and the left-wing media is totally silent.

A group calling itself the John Adams Project, affiliated with the ACLU, is secretly photographing CIA agents and showing the pictures to suspected terrorists at Guantanamo Bay, among others. Activist lawyers Joshua Dratel, Edward MacMahon and Nina Ginsberg are just three members of the Adams group who are putting CIA agents in grave danger. "Factor" producer Dan Bank caught up with Ms. Ginsberg:

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DAN BANK, "FACTOR" PRODUCER: Hi, Ms. Ginsberg? Dan Bank with FOX News Channel with "The O'Reilly Factor." I have some questions about the John Adams Project. You know, you're putting CIA agents' lives in danger.

NINA GINSBERG, JOHN ADAMS PROJECT: You need to talk to the people at the John Adams Project. That's not at all true.


GINSBERG: CIA agents put a lot of people in danger. They put this country in danger. They put American soldiers overseas in danger.

BANK: You're showing pictures of CIA agents to terrorists, Al Qaeda terrorists. That's just despicable.

GINSBERG: That's not true.

BANK: What are you doing then? What is the John Adams Project?

GINSBERG: And why are you following me around into a drugstore?

BANK: Ma'am, you've hired researchers to follow CIA agents around all over the place and then show them to Al Qaeda terrorists, the same people who organized September 11th.

GINSBERG: What they did was try and find out who the names and the identities of the people who tortured, illegally tortured people because the government won't turn over that information, and people in this country have a right to defend themselves. Sir, get out of my way.

BANK: Ma'am, hold on one second.

GINSBERG: Sir, get out of my way.

BANK: Because there are federal laws prohibiting sharing classified information like that.

GINSBERG: It's not classified. If there's a person walking in the street who has a picture taken of himself, that is not classified information.

BANK: So Valerie Plame…

GINSBERG: And there are laws against public — people putting their microphones in people's faces. Valerie Plame's identity was disclosed by the vice president of this country. The people who took pictures found the information in public source information and tried to find out who the torturers were in this country.

BANK: Torturers or the people trying to keep us safe? Some people…

GINSBEG: Sir, you are making me feel threatened. Get out of my face.

BANK: Some people may wonder whose side you are on.

GINSBERG: Get out of my face.


"The Factor" is asking Attorney General Holder to step up the investigation of the John Adams Project, and we are asking President Obama to publicly condemn their campaign.

Forget about the elite media investigating this. It is far too corrupt to do that.

We do not expect the Obama administration to comment at all because they have been pandering to the far left. But if the president continues to allow attacks on the CIA, it will come back to hurt him, the same way the saga of Van Jones has hurt him.

Over the Labor Day weekend, Jones was forced to resign as a White House employee overseeing so-called "green jobs," employment tied to improving the environment. Jones is a radical guy who signed a petition questioning whether the government knew about the 9/11 attacks beforehand. How he could wind up working for the Obama White House is simply astounding.

Whether it is fair or not, President Obama is now viewed by some as sympathetic to the radical left. To get rid of that perception, he should condemn the John Adams Project immediately. We will update this story on Thursday.

And that's "The Memo."

Pinheads & Patriots

A little boy named Spencer celebrated his 6th birthday on Tuesday. He is a very special child, full of generosity and kindness. There is no doubt that he will become a great American patriot, and I wish him the happiest of days.

On the pinhead front, dating Hugo Chavez. Left-wing movie director Oliver Stone showed up at the Venice Film Festival with a very interesting date: Venezuelan tyrant Hugo Chavez. Stone says FOX News and other American media have demonized old Hugo, who Stone thinks is a swell guy. But we think they both are pinheads.

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