New York School Bans Diabetic Boy's Service Dog

Officials at a New York school have refused to allow a diabetic student to bring his service dog to school.

A school district official stopped 8-year-old Anthony Spataro, his mother, and his dog, Dash, from entering a Yonkers school on Tuesday.

Samantha Spataro said her son was told that he was welcome at Paideia School 15 without his dog.

The Westchester school's spokeswoman said the dog is too young to have been properly trained as a service dog to detect glucose levels.

The district also barred Anthony from coming to class when he had a different service dog, a 2-year-old German shepherd, to monitor fluctuations in his blood sugar levels.

School officials told FOX 5 New York in August that Anthony had an aide assigned to him and had been doing well in school without a dog.

The state's Division of Human Rights issued a determination earlier this year that the family has grounds to sue the district over the issue.

The family says they will go to court.

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