New Mother Claims Doctors Left Her Baby to Die Because He Was Born 'Too Early'

A devastated mother claims doctors refused to treat her premature baby because he was born two days early.

The tiny boy from the U.K. — born 21 weeks and five days into the woman’s pregnancy — died just two hours after being born, The Daily Mail reports.

Sarah Capewell, who has suffered five miscarriages previously, said she went into early labor and was told her newborn would be dead once delivered.

But after discovering her son, Jayden, had a strong heart beat and was moving his arms and legs, she called doctors and begged them to help.

Capewell said doctors refused, saying medical guidelines state that "babies born before 22 weeks are not viable and are not to be helped."

Capewell claimed doctors at James Paget Hospital in Norfolk told her that they would have tried to save the baby if he had been born two days later, at 22 weeks.

"When I went into labor I was told he would be born dead, disabled and his skin would most likely be peeling off, in actual fact he was perfect," she wrote on her Web site Justice for Jayden.

A hospital official said it not to blame for setting the nation's guidelines and "like other acute hospitals, we follow national guidance."

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