Monkey-Masked Speeding Driver in Phoenix Ignores Tickets

A group of speeding drivers in Phoenix have been ticketed using photo radar dozens of times but refuse to pay the fines, reported.

One motorist whom police have identified as Dave Vontesmar wears a monkey or giraffe mask to avoid having to pay tickets given to drivers captured on photo radar while they're speeding.

Vontesmar is a flight attendant, and authorities say he's racked up about 90 unpaid photo enforcement tickets within the past year, reported.

"He just has a blatant disregard for public safety," Lt. Steve Harrison told the station.

Officers have recently slapped Vontesmar with dozens more tickets and have even followed him.

"During our surveillance, our officers observed him putting on and taking off a mask as he went through each of the four photo enforcement zones," Harrison said.

Police estimate there are between 100 and 600 drivers with 15 or more photo camera citations.

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