2 Teenage Boys Behind Bars in Miami After Botched Plot to Kill Mother

Two teenage friends are in jail in Florida after their alleged plot to murder one of the boys' mothers went awry.

Prosecutors in Miami say they plan to try Erik Stone, 15, as an adult for helping concoct the scheme to kill his mother, Eliana Poveda, with a steak knife, WSVN reported.

Authorities say Stone enlisted his 13-year-old friend Marko Lazovic to stab Poveda. It wasn't known whether the State Attorney's Office also would attempt to try Lazovic as an adult.

The plot failed when the knife broke during the attack, leaving Poveda with just a stab wound on her chin.

The families of Stone and Lazovic are fighting to get the boys released from jail after a judge ruled they should stay behind bars until their trial, according to WSVN.

Poveda was attacked by Lazovic on Friday outside her ex-husband's home. She was dropping her son off when his friend lunged at her with the steak knife, WSVN reported.

Police said Stone promised Lazovic entry into his "Sons of Anarchy" club if he managed to slit his mother's throat.

Stone has been charged with solicitation to commit murder; Lazovic has been charged with attempted first-degree murder.

"My son could not have been in the right mind at the moment," Poveda said Monday, according to WSVN. "I don't know what was going on inside his head, but he does love me, absolutely. There is no question about that. I know he loves me."

The boys' parents want their children to get psychiatric treatment rather than a jail sentence.

"I hope that we can get him whatever help he needs, the best help that he needs," Poveda said.

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