Will Sideways Seating Be Future of Budget Air Travel?

A British design company says it is working on plans for new sideways, staggered seating on airplanes as a cost-cutting option for airlines to maximize the number of passengers on board.

Design Q released images of the concept, which has a row of seats facing inward on each side of the plane and two rows running back-to-back down the middle of the aircraft.

The design theoretically would save money for the airlines because it would allow planes to hold more passengers, and the demand for such concepts could take off, with Irish budget airline Ryanair's chief executive, Michael O'Leary, saying previously he is open to trying new seating designs.

O'Leary already has thrown his support behind another idea, vertical seating, for Ryanair's Boeing 737s flying on short trips. Passengers essentially would travel in a secure upright, or standing, position.

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