How Much Paperwork Does the Government Lose Annually?

A quick trip around Hannity's America...

Paper Pushers?

It's another story that will shake your faith in the government's ability to manage, well, just about anything.

Florida Congressman Alan Grayson tried to secure an earmark for a nonprofit civil rights organization, only to discover that according to the IRS the organization isn't actually a nonprofit, supposedly because it hasn't filed the necessary paperwork with the IRS.

Grayson's explanation for the confusion is that the government probably lost those important papers. "This is a sad thing, but roughly one-third of all the files the government has in its possession are lost. That's a fact."

That's certainly reassuring. These are just the people you want managing your health care, right?

Cash for Criminals

Our Waste 101 update is brought to you by the great state of Florida.

The Miami Herald reports that $7.5 million of federal stimulus money is to be used for people to be eligible to cover their rent, housing and utilities — and that includes convicted sex offenders who are currently homeless.

Many of these criminals live under Miami's Julia Tuttle Bridge. The city is trying to clear them out because apparently the area has become an embarrassment for Miami. According to the chairman of the Miami-Dade Homeless Trust, "The money comes from federal funds designated for homeless people in Miami-Dade, but convicted sex offenders who meet income requirements are eligible."

That sounds like it will really stimulate the economy, doesn't it? You know, it's no wonder our unemployment rate is nearing 10 percent.

Politics of Race

The city of Atlanta has had a black mayor for the past 35 years, but in this year's mayoral race, a white candidate is in the running. The race pits City Councilwoman Mary Norwood against City Council President Lisa Borders.

Some groups, however, are not happy about the prospect of a white mayor. A memo being attributed to a group called The Black Leadership Forum, which appeared on a black news Web site read, "Time is of the essence, because in order to defeat a Norwood [white] mayoral candidacy, we have to get out now and work in a manner to defeat her without a runoff."

That's not too lovely, is it? We can only hope that Atlanta's November 4 election occurs in a fair and color-blind fashion.

Cruisin' for Booze

It's another case of Democratic hypocrisy. Massachusetts state Representative Michael Rodriguez voted to hike his state's tax on alcohol, so you might be surprised to learn that Rodriguez was recently spotted outside a liquor store in New Hampshire!

According to the Boston Herald, Rodriguez was loading booze into his car because there is no tax on alcohol in New Hampshire. When a passerby notice his official license plate and asked if he was on official business, Rodriguez reportedly told him to "mind your own business."

And wait until you hear his excuse! According to Rodriguez, "My wife was in the restroom and you know how it always takes women... longer than men to use the restroom. So I went into the liquor store and bought three bottles of alcohol while I was there."

Wow, I'm sure that's the reason!

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