Your Shelter Checklist

Your Shelter Checklist

Before You Hit the Road

Have a good meal.
Turn off electricity at the fuse box and gas for gas water heaters to prevent possible fire.
Turn off water at the outside line.

What to Bring

Personal hygiene items
Beddings such as cots, air mattresses, blankets and pillows
Non-perishable food
Extra change (or two!) of clothing
Personal items -- such as medications, eyeglasses, hearing aids, flashlights, toothbrushes, battery-operated radio, and any special diet foods
Baby supplies: ample amounts of baby food, formula, juice, diapers and wipes, and a stroller, portable crib or play pen
Driver's license and any other identification
Cash, traveler's checks
Any important documents

What Not to Bring

Pets of any type are not allowed in Red Cross shelters. Get info on your local shelters for lists of possible exceptions.
Firearms or explosive devices
Alcoholic beverages

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