Determine a Family Disaster Plan

Determine a Family Disaster Plan

Make sure your family is prepared for any disaster by coming up with a plan! Sit down today, talk through how you'd handle an emergency, and write down your plan.

Determine Meeting Spots

1.) You should pick one location very close to your home in the event of a sudden emergency, like a fire.
2.) Pick one location outside your town in case you are not able to return to your home.
3.) The entire family should have the addresses and phone numbers of your meeting locations.
Choose an Out-of-Area Contact Person

You may have better luck getting through to someone outside your area if local phone lines are down or overloaded. Make sure everyone in the family has this phone number both programmed in their cell phones and in writing.
Create an Emergency Communication Plan

Discuss how and where your family would reunite should an emergency happen while you are separated (at school, work, etc).
Prepare and Practice Your Evacuation Plan

Figure out where you would stay (motel, friend's house, shelter) and the route you would take to get there. Plot alternate routes in case of road closings. Practice your evacuation plan regularly.
Plan for Your Pets

Keep in mind that many shelters and hotels will not allow pets. Make a list of pet-friendly hotels and animal shelters that are along your evacuation route.

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