Woman Becomes First Quadriplegic to Sail Solo Around Britain

Disabled yachtswoman Hilary Lister has become the first female quadriplegic to sail solo around Britain.

The 37-year-old was cheered by wellwishers when she sailed into Dover harbor in Kent, England.

Her 15-mile, five-hour sail from Ramsgate marked the final leg of a marathon journey.

Lister's 40-day series of sails took her along the east coast of Ireland, then down the east coast of Scotland and England.

The Oxford educated former scientist said she was "hugely proud" of the team that worked with her.

"It's a privilege to be back in Dover," she said. "The killer was when the wind died just east of the entrance to the harbor but unbelievably it picked up just as I sailed in."

Lister described the highlight of her challenge as being able to sail beside marine wildlife.

"Just seeing whales 35-feet long fully breached out of the water was incredible. Two of them jumped like dolphins, it was amazing," she said.

The low point was having to spend $14,600 to buy a reconditioned engine for her ridged inflatable safety boat.

Just before a bottle of champagne was opened, she said: "I'm so relieved to be home but looking forward to the next challenge."

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