Radicalization of the Democratic Party

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GLENN BECK, HOST: I told you a second ago that we have got to find a way to each other. I think this whole system has been built to cause each other to hate each other. No, it's the Democrats. It's the Republicans — blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Well, let me sit down — I'm not a Republican, I'm an independent — but let me sit down with Pat Caddell, who is so much a Democrat, former senior adviser to President Carter.

That's a Democrat, Pat.


BECK: Yes. OK.

CADDELL: And all the other ones I have worked for: Kennedy, Cuomo...

BECK: Cuomo?

CADDELL: Gary Hart, Walter Mondale.

BECK: Walter Mondale?

CADDELL: Just so you know.

BECK: I can't believe we get along.

CADDELL: Isn't it amazing?

BECK: Pat, you are as concerned, you are concerned at our — for our republic as I am.


BECK: And I was thinking about it this weekend that people like you — we don't agree on much, but we agree that America is a good place and the Constitution is good, and that's our system.

Would you agree or disagree that this is not a Democratic or Republican a — Republican or Democrat problem, this is a problem with radical revolutionaries holding positions of power?

CADDELL: Well, this is very disturbing to me for that reason.

First of all, most Americans — 90 percent of Americans, I would say — agree on the big ideas that this is a country, that is an exceptional nation, what we have done for the world, whether we've made mistakes, there is no doubt about that. But we take care of our future and our children. There are things we agree on about our liberties that far exceed anything we should care about our parties.

What we have now is this division, you're talking about this kind of phony, "Let's hate everybody in the other base while we get to do what we do."

What we're having now is — let's get this right. From my perspective, I think it's a threat to the Democratic Party, it's a threat to the president. These are extremists.

I mean, I'm listening to this stuff. I have looked into Lloyd and I want an answer and I want it from my president's roommate, who he appointed as the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission.

BECK: I want from the president.

CADDELL: And Congressman Clyburn's daughter, who is right outside where I live down in Charleston, who is the minority whip of the Democratic Party, number three person in the House. His daughter is on there. And I want to know what credit they take for Lloyd.

Lloyd comes from the American Center for Progress. He was a senior fellow there. That was a Soros-financed, John Podesta who did the transition, runs the place.

Now, look, we are getting one extremist after the other. And by the way, you should be happy. Because look at what happened. You raised the problem and Van Jones is now — he's a capitalist. He just went right down the rabbit hole. You go to the Wikipedia — right down the rabbit hole.

BECK: Here's the thing, though, Pat. I think the same thing that was happening with Van Jones, he said, change tactics. He knew — change tactics.

CADDELL: Yes, this is about — these people — look, Cass Sunstein is a delightful person, I hear personally. He is so far out there in the academic world. I know people in Hollywood who think he is dangerous being in charge of regulations.

BECK: So, here's what I want to ask you: How do we get Democrats — not the game players, not the people who are in Washington that just want — that can't see past the donkey or can't see past the elephant — I mean Americans that concerned about our country, how do we get Democrats to say, "Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, what are you building here? Who are these people? We're not communists, we're Democrats"?

CADDELL: Well, part of what that I'm trying to do and a lot of Democrats agree with me, they're starting to really worry. You know, I get all the phone calls because I'm out there, because I long ago gave up being a hack, you know? I'm born-again virgin when it comes to politics.

BECK: Right.

CADDELL: And it is — I get the phone calls — oh, my God, what's going on and what are they doing? And my point is, we better speak up, because this is going to undermine our politics. Plus they are up to things like FCC that scare me and the Internet that's really frightening.

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