Baby Born With Heart Outside Chest Struggles for Life

A baby boy was born in India Thursday with his heart outside of his body, London’s Daily Telegraph reported.

Vibha Devi suffers from ectopia cordis, a rare condition that causes most babies to die within hours of being born, but there was some “guarded optimism,” for the baby who survived an 800-mile train ride to Delhi’s All-India Institute of Medical Sciences for surgery.

“He is stable and is being treated for infection,” said Dr. A.K. Bisoi, a cardiologist at the cardiothoracic and vascular surgery department at AIIMS. “His parents are lucky the baby is still alive after the infection as it has spread to all the body parts. We are trying our best to save the baby.”

Vibha Devi’s mother is still in the hospital after her Caesarean section, so her husband and father are staying with the baby in Delhi, where five surgeons will put Vibha’s heart inside his body should he survive the next few weeks.

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