Generation Y Using Botox as Often as Hair Dye

Young women are turning to Botox to follow fleeting fashion trends, and are as blasé about using it as hair dye, cosmetic surgeons say.

While their older counterparts are more concerned with fixing lines and wrinkles, women in their 20s are flocking to change the shape of their eyebrows and lips in as little as three months, experts say.

The head of the Cosmetic Physicians Society, Dr. Gabrielle Caswell, said getting Botox had become as acceptable as dying hair.

"A lot of the girls are using it as a fashion trend," Caswell said. "They do like the plump lips ... and it's very trendy to have flanged outer eyebrows."

She said some young women also had frown-lines flattened, but the overwhelming majority just want a new style.

Last year, then 20-year-old Rae-Leigh Ganter told Brisbane newspaper The Sunday Mail that she had Botox injections every three months to stave off wrinkles and lines.

"Lots of people say I am too young but it is a personal choice," Ganter said at the time. "I did it for a couple of reasons but mainly because I work in the (cosmetic) industry and had developed a line between my eyebrows and wanted to do something about it."

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