Grocery Stores to 'Spy' on Kids Who Buy Energy Drinks

Supermarkets and corner stores in New South Wales, Australia will be asked to spy on students who buy large amounts of high-caffeine energy drinks amid increasing fears about their health risks.

And the state's most influential parents' lobby group wants a NSW-wide school ban on the controversial beverages, The Daily Telegraph reports.

The push for a crackdown by the Federation of Parents and Citizens' Associations is backed up by concerns over students becoming loud and hyperactive in class after consuming drinks such as Red Bull, V, Mother or Cocaine. Experts have said the drinks can cause mood disturbances, heart palpitations, dizziness, headaches and dehydration.

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Parents and teachers fear that some pupils drink as many as four cans a day while going without breakfast or lunch.Some schools have already banned students from consuming energy drinks on the premises but shopkeepers cannot refuse sales because they are legal products.

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