Woman Claims Rick Pitino Forced Her to Get Abortion

When Karen Sypher caught Rick Pitino's eye across the bar, the famous basketball coach motioned to the empty seat next to him.

"He had a glass of red wine ready for me," she told The Post.

"I recognized him. I was divorced and single" and decided to join the ex-Knick coach.

The chance encounter in a Louisville restaurant on Aug. 1, 2003, would end in the two having sex on a table -- and would change their lives forever.

She accused Pitino of rape -- an allegation he denies. Although cops declined to prosecute, the scandal caused him painful public humiliation and nearly cost him his job as a University of Louisville coach.

He had to make a public apology this week to his fans and family.

As for Sypher, she was accused of trying to extort him for as much as $10 million to keep quiet.

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