Baby Who 'Died' 18 Times Turns 1

A British baby hailed as a "miracle" by some doctors is celebrating his first birthday this week after "dying" numerous times after his birth.

Baby Warwick was born with "extreme" complications and a heart infection. He stopped breathing 18 times in the first weeks of his life and doctors were convinced that even if he pulled through he would be unable to see, hear or move.

After consulting doctors, his parents Leigh Dumighan and David Newcombe made the hardest decision of their lives, choosing to take him out of his incubator, withdraw his treatment and allow him to die in their arms.

They stayed with him in a private hospital room for eight days, giving him the cuddles they had been unable to and waiting for him to die. But Warwick fought to survive and celebrated the first birthday his parents thought they would never see Thursday

Doctors allowed Dumighan and Newcombe to take tiny Warwick home when he weighed just 3 pounds on Sept. 5 of last year. And three months later, he cleared by doctors, who said he was not going to die.

"A year ago we made the right decision — I know that because he survived," said Dumighan.

Warwick has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy but is able to see, hear and move.

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