Man 'Disoriented' for Four Days After Pharmacist Fills Heart-Pill Prescription With Sleeping Pills

A Queensland, Australia pharmacy is the subject of a state government investigation after filling a prescription for heart medicine with sleeping pills.

John Hawkins, 68, from Ipswich, west of Brisbane, spent four disoriented days on the pills before realizing something was seriously wrong when he nearly nodded off behind the wheel of his car.

"I couldn't even remember driving to work last Thursday and that afternoon when I was on the Ipswich Motorway, I realized I shouldn't be driving. I couldn't keep my eyes open," he said.

Fortunately. he managed to pull off the road before he gave in to sleep.

"When I went to fill my prescription for [heart medication] I was offered a generic brand, which I accepted."

When he took the medication back to the pharmacy, the pharmacist identified them as sleeping pills.

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