Gang Forces Python to Bite Boy in Suspected Racial Attack

Emergency medical personnel used a Google search to help save the life of a British teenager who was held down by a gang of teens while a python was forced to sink its fangs into him.

The unidentified 14-year-old boy, who was attacked by a group of teens in Bristol, England, sustained two deep puncture wounds after one member of the gang forced a python to bite him.

Paramedics identified the type of snake after using a Google search to show Internet pictures to the victim on a cell phone. The boy was transported to a nearby hospital.

“In order to try and identify the type of snake, I googled ‘snakes’ on my mobile to show the patient," paramedic Michael Howells told the Times of London. "He was reasonably sure he could identify the type, so I sent the image to our control room.”

British police suspect that the boy, who is of Afro-Caribbean descent, may have been the victim of a racial attack.

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